Although Imagine-It’s Cell Ban travel app doesn’t work as well as advertised, I still might be $100 richer if it had been available a few months ago. That’s when my teenage daughter was nabbed by New York City’s finest for gabbing on a cellphone while she was on her way to visit her big sister in the big city.

The fine was $100, which I wound up paying for because daughters are always broke. Who do you think bought daughters iPhones and pays the monthly fees too?

We live in Massachusetts and in daughter’s defense, she didn’t know New York made DUIi illegal (Driving Under the Influence of iPhone) only a short time prior to her visit to the Big Apple.

Cell Ban is a portable database of cell phone and texting laws across the nation and in many countries worldwide. Tap the list of states and you’ll see that in New York, it’s illegal to cell talk or text while driving.

In Massachusetts, cell talk and text is permissible everywhere but in Brookline, next to Boston. It’s illegal for school bus drivers anywhere in the state to gab on a cellphone or to text message while motoring.

Whether it’s legal to talk and text while operating a motor vehicle is under debate in Botswana. Stay off the Isle of Man if you insist on DUIi.

The dev says the app will also geo-locate and alert you if you enter a no-cell zone. The problem is, the app refused to pinpoint my location, despite my many attempts. I launched other apps, such as Google Earth, to make sure the problem wasn’t inherent to my phone or location and figured out that the app was misbehaving.

Even with it’s shortcomings, there’s a big difference between paying a Washington for this app and a Franklin for DUIi.

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