Crazy Tanks is a battle game. Drive your tank all over the screen and destroy the enemy. The goal of the game is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible and get the bonuses and power ups throughout game play.

Playing Crazy Tanks is pretty easy. You just tilt and sway the phone to navigate through your battle zone. Firing is easy too, just tap the screen. The faster you tap the more rapidly you fire. The sounds are fitting and the 3D graphics are definitely some of the better ones I have seen. There are 21 different levels to keep you interested and you earn prizes like stars as you complete the levels. You also have the option of playing them easy, difficult or crazy mode.

Crazy Tanks is great but it does lack a few things. For instance, it doesn’t offer the ability to change the view. The radar is a great way to see the enemy but if you could see them at eye level or even a bird’s eye view it might improve the experience. Tilting and turning so much can make you a little dizzy after a while.

Many battle game users love to have options when they play their games. Crazy Tanks is a little short on options. First, you may only choose one tank. Even the ability to change the color might make it feel more personable and real. Crazy Tanks also has pretty limited weapons. Battle gamers also love their weapons —we want the big guns, mines and bombs.

Even without these things you’re not totally left in the dark. Crazy Tanks does have cool power ups like the shield that temporarily protects you for several seconds. I found this to be extremely helpful during enemy swarming situations.

If you like to challenge your friends, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, it’s only offered in a single player mode. A two player option might keep players around longer and really put players to the challenge. Casual gamers won’t mind playing the computer but serious gamers crave the ability to challenge others online.

Overall, Crazy Tanks has plenty of levels, great graphics and enough excitement to keep you playing until you beat it.

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