Draw Me is an artistic style app that challenges users to recreate a simple image from memory by drawing it on screen with your finger. Letters, symbols, and pictures pop up on the screen and then fade away leaving a blank page for you to render your version of the image. As an extra help, a certain number of small pushpin markers are available and can be placed strategically on corners, lines, or wherever you like, to help you remember the picture. When you’re finished, Draw Me engages in some sort of line recognition interface that determines if you got at least 50% of the drawing accurate.

You certainly don’t have to be artistic to use Draw Me. There are a selection of increasingly difficult images to recall, beginning with capital letters and advancing through five levels to include pictures of a tug boat, robot, flower, and more. The pictures are simplistic, child-like renderings of objects, but the challenge of recreating them once they fade off screen is an exercise of memory.

The developer, M Bounce Limited, has to be given points for creativity as Draw Me is a rather unique app. On the user end, this little activity game performs exactly as it says it does. You have to complete each drawing with a score of 50% or higher to unlock the next image in each level, but each of the five levels of difficulty are available right away. This makes it more user friendly than games that make you work your way through levels 1 and 2 to get to the good stuff. However, Draw Me is not an app that will entice most people to whittle away hours of their time.

There is a free version of the same game, Draw Me Lite, which will give you the gist of it, but without all of the images available in the full version. Give the free version of Draw Me a try to see what you think, if you like it, the extra images available in the full version will provide more of a challenge.

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