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Gacha Life is an anime-styled game that was created by Lunime Studio. Users can download Gacha Life for iOS and Android. The purpose of the game is simple. Players have to create a unique Gacha character and choose the appearance. Players can access a few interesting game modes. It should be mentioned that Gacha Life has a lot of in common with the previous parts of the Gacha game series. For example, the customization system is the same as in the Gachaverse. The interface also has a lot of in common with the previous games.

Gameplay 8/10

After you start Gacha Life, it will show you a short tutorial and tell you what game modes you can play. For example, you can try Studio Mode, Dress Up Mode, Gacha Mode, Mini Games, and Life Mode. Gacha Mode page consists of presents of different rarity. You can send the gifts to the characters in the Life Mode. This feature is available in all Gacha games.

There are 8 mini games. They are not dynamic at all. For example, you will have to solve mathematical problems, catch falling objects into a bucket, avoid falling objects, etc. All the mini games look very similar, so they might become boring after a few minutes of gameplay. By playing mini games, you will earn crystals. You can purchase Gacha presents for those crystals. Life mode allows you to communicate with different NPCs. You can visit many locations in Life Mode, for example, Park, School, City, Station, etc. Each location has NPCs you can talk to. 

While creating your character, you can select different clothes, such as hats, glasses, shirts, jackets, etc. Players can also choose the color of the hair and change the style of the clothes. Players can change the appearance of their Gacha characters any way they want.

Visuals 7/10

Gacha Life graphical effects are plain. The game uses 2D textures. All the characters and objects look cartoonish. The graphics were made in anime-style. Some people might not like the graphical effects, but overall, the picture is colorful and bright. You can easily see the objects and distinguish the NPCs.

Controls 8/10

Controls in Gacha Life are also simple. In order to select the appearance of your character, you will have to tap on different buttons. But if you decide to play Mini games, you will have to get used to the controls. Each mini game has its own controls, but they have a lot of in common with each other. Most of the time, you will have to tap on your screen in order to move your character in a particular location.


Gacha Life is a fun game with cartoonish graphical effects. It has 8 mini games and a few game modes. You can earn crystals and buy presents for NPCs. Players can also create their unique Gacha characters and select clothes for them. You will like it if you have played Gacha games before. We hope this Gacha Life review was helpful. Thank you for paying attention to it.

Graphics 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 8

Replay Value 8

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