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Garry’s Mod is perhaps one of the oldest sandbox games for computers that’s still highly popular amongst players. The title originated as a mode for Valve’s Half-Life and eventually became an incredibly popular alone standing franchise. With millions of copies sold worldwide, it remains the best-selling physical sandbox ever. Today, you can get it for your Mac, PC, and even Linux computer. 

Graphics and Sound 8/10

Given that Garry’s Mod is a very unusual game with open physics preferences for any object, you should be lenient to its graphics. They certainly look a bit old because the game is based on the Source Engine. However, the flexibility of the environment crops this drawback. You will see it yourself if you try to edit anything within the game. If the quality of textures and lights matter too much to you, you can install some third-party mods to make the game look more up to date. As for the soundtrack – it’s absent, but you are free to add sounds to your creations. 

Controls 10/10

Garry’s Mod’s latest version supports only keyboard input because of the overall complexity of the game. There are so many items and settings that you won’t be able to deal with them with a console controller. However, it’s not a problem for such a diverse sandbox. It lets you control any physical feature of any object in the library, upload your own 3D models, animate characters, and do much more fun stuff. 

Gameplay 10/10

When you first open Garry’s Mod, you may be confused by its illusory emptiness. It feels like launching Photoshop for the first time, but it’s a bit easier to understand. You have to use your imagination to create something in this boundless universe, and an extensive library of items and instruments is at your service. Using several weapon-like tools, you can move objects around, resize them, tune their physical preferences, animate, and even glue objects to one another. It means that you can reach virtually any result. Some players like to construct insane machines and mechanisms, while others prefer to build entire games within the Garry’s Mod universe and share them with others. The game lets you save and share everything you create with the community and test the creations of others for free. 

Lasting Appeal 10/10

Do you like sandbox games with total freedom of action? If yes, you will be impressed by the number of possibilities that Garry’s Mod offers to you. Want to play a multiplayer shooter or a racing game? Now you can create it with your own hands without any programming skills.  


Garry’s Mod is a unique franchise that lets you do everything that a real game developer does without years of practice and studies. Just take your concept and implement it, using several gamified tools. The entire process will be full of funny unpredicted encounters, and hilarious fails. The whole course of events in this game is under your control, so get in and create something special to play along with your friends or share the fun on YouTube. 

Graphics 8

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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