KamiCrazy is a great puzzle game that capitalizes on the finger-swiping ability of the iPhone/iPod touch. Sure, it doesn’t look like a puzzle. Especially since the main character is a bearded wannabe Rambo-type soldier with a few missing teeth. But make no mistake, you will definitely need your brain to find success in KamiCrazy.

The idea behind KamiCrazy is to take your soldier safely through a set of obstacles to return to its ship. But during each of the 40 available levels a different series of challenges await you.

Control the soldiers by swiping your finger to the left or right to make them run in that direction. But what you will need most often is to make them jump. To do this, “push” up on the character and he will jump into the air. This will avoid a whole series of spikes, fires, and lakes that seek to spell your doom.

From time to time the touch was a bit choppy and did not fully respond to finger swipes. This especially was a problem in later rounds when the soldiers had to jump their way into even tighter spaces. It required such precise finger swiping that it sometimes felt like luck was needed just to get through the round.

Also, expect to be swiping your way all around the screen at once — sometimes you need one soldier to be hitting a level to stop arrows from attacking the other soldiers. KamiCrazy makes you think, but expect some sore fingers during extended play.

Unlike the Lite version, the full-priced KamiCrazy offers an excellent tutorial that walks users through how to play. It integrates nicely with the game play. The levels also are well paced so that they don’t get too hard too fast. Graphics were excellent and made the game a pleasure to look at while playing. Overall, KamiCrazy is a great challenge and was a nice mix between the puzzle and platform genres.

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