PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze

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Pacman 256 needs no presentation as this game is a remake of famous Pacman. The game came out in 2015 for Android and iOS. As for the PlayStation port, Pacman 256 release date was June 21, 2016. There is no need to talk about the popularity of the game as it has millions of fans across the world. The game was nominated to Best mobile/Handheld game in 2015 but failed to win the prize.

The plot of Pacman 256

There is no story behind this game. Pacman 256 offers multiple levels instead. Your task is to run through a maze and collect dots and coins. You need to avoid ghosts that are looking to eat the Pacman. The product is made in pseudo-3D, meaning you are not going to look at the top-down map. Complete the levels, avoid ghosts, collect all that is collectible.

Pacman 256 gameplay

Pacman is the main character of the game. You need to move him up and down, left and right across the endless maze to complete levels. Ghosts want to eat Pacman, you need to avoid meeting them on your way. If you contact them, the game ends. Once you eat all 256 dots (referring to the name of the game Pacman 256), all enemies will be eliminated, and you will proceed to the next stage.

You can buy credits with real money to equip Pacman with power-ups. Otherwise, you can play a Free Play mode where you don’t need power-ups. Credits allow you to revive Pacman any time within a level. However, in the latest update of Pacman credits are removed. You will gain power-ups by completing levels, and you can use them later.

As for the Pacman 256 system requirements, they are low. If you play on PlayStation, you don’t even need to pay attention to these criteria. Various themes are changing the picture of the game, so you will never feel bored with Pacman 256.

Pacman 256 controls are simple. You need only one stick to move Pacman across the maze. The game was developed for various platforms. You can play on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and laptops. The first versions of Pacman 256 appeared on the most popular mobile platforms.


Pacman 256 is the game designed for all those fans of the old school Pacman game. Pacman costs $4.99 at PlayStation store. You can buy the game and then download it to your console. Enjoy the unlimited number of missions and eliminate all enemies.


  • An updated remake of famous Pacman
  • Good looking graphics and environment
  • Simple controls
  • The unlimited number of missions
  • High replay value


  • May be too old-school for those born after 1995

Graphics 7

Gameplay 9

Controls 8

Replay Value 8

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