When I first read MobileCorridor’s description of Pictacular, its new photo effects app, it seemed like a nifty idea, so I downloaded it. Pictacular, enables you to attach audio bits to pictures you take with the app or select them from your Camera Roll.

Step one, snap or choose a photo. Step two, add a sound box to the photo. Step three, record an audio clip. Step four, add the audio to the photo’s sound box. Step five, tap the sound box and listen to the sound clip while staring at the photo. Step six, yawn.

I learned the hard way that Pictacular has a number of bugs. The first is that your audio doesn’t always record and save. When you succeed at that, the audio in Pictacular is very faint.

I contacted the developer who told me the audio was “wonky,” and that I needed to play back the audio clip and mash the volume-up button to make the clip louder. Even then, the recording quality was poor.

Mysteriously, the sound boxes attached to some photos in my saved, completed projects list disappeared several times. Worst, three saved projects on my list disappeared entirely — twice.

After 10-12 attempts, I ended with one working project. I’m waiting to see whether it decides to run off to wherever the others went.

Even when Pictacular works as described, it’s still not much to write home about. I suppose you could record notes for photos and save those to refer to. The problem with that, is when I recorded a project, with an audio clip of approximately 4 seconds, I got an error message that indicated I was out of recording space. With Pictacular you can’t email and share a completed project, so there’s no entertainment value.

Now, here’s what puzzles me. Overnight, Pictacular received five rave reviews, each with five stars. It makes me wonder if someone is gaming the review system.

Pictacular is priced at $1.99, which seems high to me (and that’s assuming it worked as described).

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