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Prodigy Math Game is an interactive mobile game for learning math from 1st to 8th grade. The developers have rid us of boring numbers and complex rules. Instead, the game added bright graphics, interactive elements, and even a story. 

You can download Prodigy Math Game for Android and iOS mobile devices. You'll need up to 20 megabytes of free space for that. The full version of the game Prodigy Math is suitable for all devices without restrictions on system requirements. 

Visuals 7/10

The Prodigy Math Game instructor features vivid graphics similar to the RPG-game style. Characters and locations are painted for children under 12 years, so do not expect quality detail. After a few minutes of the game, it seems as if you are watching an interesting children's cartoon. Low system requirements of the Prodigy Math Game indicate a low level of graphics. But it can not be called a disadvantage, because the game is designed for children. 

Gameplay 8/10 

The gameplay of the Prodigy Math Game has been thought out in detail. The first time you start the game, you are asked to create your character. Mathematics training will take place with him. In Prodigy Math full game you can specify your level of mathematics and school class. All tasks are interactive and somewhat like cartoons. With each new level, the problems and examples in mathematics and geometry become more complex. Both Prodigy Math for Android and iOS has a built-in award system. Prizes are given for each passing level. The kids really like it. 

Controls 7/10 

Management in the game is not difficult. But you have to be prepared for various difficulties in passing through missions. At each level, there are all kinds of tasks and examples with equations, infographics, pictures. It is not always easy to solve mathematical and geographical problems. You need to know what to click and how to interact and interactive elements. The gameplay has a lot of small details and buttons, so the player will have to get used to and learn for a while. 

Worth Replaying? 8/10 

The latest version of Prodigy Math Game is packed with minigames and interesting content. Pleasant graphics and bonus system makes the process of passing the game more interesting and exciting. Built-in tasks and examples in mathematics and geometry are calculated from 1 to 8 classes. So the gameplay does not get bored even after a few months of play. The child can constantly improve their knowledge and better prepare for lessons with this mobile game. 


We recommend downloading the Prodigy Math Game if you need an educational interactive game in the mathematical sciences. But be prepared to pay for additional content. You can download and install the Prodigy Math Game for free. But for mini-games and all kinds of tasks, characters and new levels will have to pay extra. The cost is moderate. 


  • Fun mini-games
  • Funny pixel graphic
  • Really teaches math


  • Additional content must be purchased
  • Complex control
  • Designed for children only

Graphics 7

Gameplay 8

Controls 7

Replay Value 8

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