Snow Reports – I have been an avid snowboarder since I was a little boy. Through out the entire time that I was developing into the snowboarder that I am today, I discovered that snow reports are a snowboarder or skier’s best friend. Now with the iPhone it’s easy to check the snow report and you can look it up whenever you want. brings you the iPhone application Snow Reports.

Snow Reports allows you to check the current snow conditions at anytime, right from your phone. When you add a mountain — and you can get any mountain you want — it shows you the amount of snowfall in the last 48 hours as well as the base depth. It even shows you the conditions so you know whether it is powder or groomed snow. Also, there is a large “we’re open” sign so you don’t waste a trek up to the mountain.

Snow Reports acts as a browser when you want to the see a more detailed report or even check out the weather at the mountain. Once directed to the actual website, you can check out the full snow report which includes the base depth at different elevations on the mountain. It also shows the surface conditions of both the top and bottom level of cover. An example would be if the bottom level of the snow is hard packed and the top level is machine groomed. The full snow report also shows how many trails and lifts are open as well as lets you know the status with the terrain parks.

You can also use Snow Reports to check out the weather on the mountain. It gives you the current weather on the mountain and what is predicted for the next 5 days.

With the Snow Reports app, is doing for snowboarding what Surfline did for Surf Reports.

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