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The Sims™ Mobile is a mobile spin-off of the legendary simulator of real human life, The Sims! This amazing game lets you recreate yourself and your family in a virtual world and explore it in any direction. There are so many things to do that you may forget about your everyday chores. The mobile version of the game is very close to the original so that you can have console-level experience in your pocket. 

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The Sims™ Mobile has only slight differences from the original The Sims 4, and all of them are related to the style of visuals. While the quality is absolutely the same, the designs of characters are s bit more cartoonish, which is not bad at all. The depth of detalisation and effects and the variety of textures is as good as on the PC and console version of the game. You also can zoom in and out to see everything that your sim has on his or her plate or look at the entire city from the bird’s eye view. 

Controls 10/10

It looks like The Sims™ was initially created with touchscreens in mind. The point and click controls from the original game perfectly fit smartphone and tablet screens. Of course, developers reduced the number of buttons on the screen but preserved all the pop-up interactions in their genuine style. As usual, you have to touch an object or another character to call up the pop-up menu and select the needed command. Besides, you can also utilize several gestures, such as pinching two fingers to zoom in and out and rotating the camera with two fingers. 

Gameplay 10/10

It’s a good old The Sims™ game, and it feels just like you expect it to feel. Somehow, EA managed to translate most of the features to the mobile gameplay language. In The Sims™ Mobile, you can create an unlimited number of characters with different appearances, shapes, clothes, makeups, and even personality types. The house design editor mode is also presented at its best, letting you implement your craziest interior ideas. As soon as the work is done, you can start exploring the huge world in both offline and online modes. Find your sim a job, figure out what his or her hobby is, get into a maelstrom of relationships, organize loud parties, build a family, and enjoy your virtual life!

Lasting Appeal 10/10

This game is literally endless. Considering that you can create as many sims as you want, you can keep playing days and nights nonstop. Both offline and online modes will impress you with the number of exciting encounters around your sim’s house and the city. Due to rather frequent updates and plenty of purchasable items, you can also enjoy endless customization of your sim’s appearance. 


The Sims™ Mobile is a mobile spin-off of The Sims™ that we really deserve. It’s a full-scale life simulator with excellent graphics and a huge variety of options for exploration. Everything you do in the game has a particular effect that may change the whole life of your characters. If The Sims™ is your favorite game on PC or Xbox One, you will definitely enjoy The Sims™ Mobile. 

Graphics 10

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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