Do we really need another twitter client for the iPhone? If you are considering Tweetie, the answer is yes. When I started using Tweetie by atebits, this app felt familiar and comfortable, like I had been using it all along as my primary twitter client.

Tweetie is one of the easiest twitter apps to navigate, standing out with a clean, simple interface. The app opens right to the current twitters, as opposed to Tweetion, which opens to the trends. You can scroll smoothly with no fear of accidentally deleting the people you follow. The tweets load quickly, and post as soon as I submit them.

The white background of Tweetie’s screen means text is easy-on-the-eye to read. You can switch to view the conversations in chat bubbles if you prefer, and you have the option of a landscape keyboard. The font size can also be increased so you can pretend that you do not need your reading glasses.

Tweetie offers everything you need to tweet regularly. You can post, repost, search for users with their twitter ids, upload pictures, link to StockTwits and manage your favorites. There is an auto-shrink function for links. You can integrate with Instapaper. Like most recent twitter apps for the iPhone, Tweetie is location-aware. I rarely use the trend or nearby functions, so I do not mind that they are on a secondary page. Like Twittelator Pro, you can use Tweetie for multiple twitter accounts.

Any inconveniences with Tweetie are negligible. The only minor problem I noticed is that web links do not work on the current twitters page; you have to click on the individual tweet before you can activate the link.

Tweetie is my new favorite twitter app on my iPhone. I plan to ditch Twitterific and Tweetion and use Tweetie exclusively.

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