Games, puzzles and utility apps must now share space with horoscope, gossip and personality apps. You-Me-It is a full-featured lifestyle app that dubs itself the “relationship assistant.” You won’t have to call anyone or make a video of any sort but you will have to answer a few questions. You-Me-It gets you to take a quiz choosing from an array of photos in order to build your personality profile.

Tap the icon. It will ask you to enter your name, choose a picture and if you are male or female. Then add any comment you like “Smart, Fun, Guy!”

You-Me-It requires that you take the ME quiz before you can unlock the YOU or IT ones.

The ME quiz is a PictoQuiz that is supposed to help you discover more about yourself. PictoQuiz presents three series of eight pictures. In each of the series you are asked to eliminate the images one at a time. You should get rid of the one that you think least represents you. Each one you get rid of will disappear from the screen. Keep doing this until you’ve gotten rid of all of them.

The last one on the screen is the one that you feel most represents who you are. Tap it and you’ll be taken to a page with 3 images. The results will appear with a text summary and gives you a particular climate that is yours; this is your personal Tessiture profile. Save your profile here in the archives. You will be able to follow your profile as it evolves and also compare it to those of your friends. Now they are able to take the quiz under the YOU section. The IT section is not yet functional. According to the developer It will be a fully functional tab that helps you learn more about objects, places and their interconnections with people.

The visual interface of You-Me-It is very well done. It didn’t freeze or lag at all when I tapped any of the pictures or video. The music is a little cheesy but clear and crisp none the less. The graphics are well done and the buttons are easy to navigate and control.

You-Me-It is a pretty “deep” app. I am not entirely sure the average iPhone user will want to use this as a “How to Win Friends” tool. This relationship app is not a game — it’s a full personality profile that almost feels like a psychological test.

If this were a novelty app that dished out horoscopes along with a simple Cosmo-style compatibility test, then it might have more mass appeal. You-Me-It means well, but some users will be turned off precisely because You-Me-It provides so much detailed information. It’s too easy to get lost in the pages of the profile and pictures and super “deep” meanings — especially, if you’re just looking for a light-hearted personality quiz.

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